10 Incredibly Affordable Private Colleges Through Financial Aid

It is often believed that public universities offer the best education to the widest range of students at the most affordable cost. But, as The Princeton Review’s top 10 best colleges for financial aid show, private institutions provide such financial aid to cash-strapped individuals that rejecting their application would be a huge mistake on the part of students at the university.

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As CNBC reports, the latest edition of the College Board’s “Trends in College Pricing and Student Aid 2021” guide indicates that tuition, fees, and average room and board at public colleges across the state are on the rise. at $22,690. In four-year private schools, it’s $51,690.

However, the schools with the highest prices often have the best average need-based scholarships. Every college listed in The Princeton Review’s top 10 best colleges for financial aid is a private institution. As The Princeton Review editor Robert Franek points out, it is in a student’s best interest to consider private colleges with excellent financial aid programs.

As quoted by CNBC, Franek says, “Running an expensive school off your list from the start is tragically flawed. So many schools do the near-impossible that doesn’t require a student or their family to mortgage their future to pay for college.

As part of its 2023 release of “The Best 388 Colleges” publication, the Princeton Review surveyed more than 160,000 students on a wide variety of topics, including academics and administration, extracurricular activities, quality of life and the social scene.

For its financial aid section, results were based on students’ responses to “If you receive financial aid, are you satisfied with your financial aid package?” »

Here are the colleges that made The Princeton Review’s Top 10 Financial Aid Colleges.

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