CHEd signs MOU with private colleges to accommodate displaced students from Colegio de San Lorenzo

THE Higher Education Commission (CHEd) on Tuesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoA) with private higher education institutions (HEIs) who have agreed to accept displaced students from the Colegio de San Lorenzo (CDSL) after its closure, ensuring that they could continue their education.

According to CHEd President, J. Prospero “Popoy” De Vera 3e, the provisions of the Manual of Regulation of Private Higher Education (MORPHE) will be waived by the MoA to allow for a smooth transfer of CDSL students to these respective HEIs , including those related to graduating students with Latin honors, and credits to be awarded for subjects that students have taken.

Some of the HEIs that extended their support to accept these displaced CDSL students and were MoA signatories were the University of Our Lady of Fatima, Trinity University of Asia, and NBS College, among others.

De Vera also said there was no directive yet for an investigation and possible sanctions for the abrupt announcement of the closure of the Colegio de San Lorenzo because the well-being of the students remained their priority, while the investigation is not an urgent matter for the commission at this time.

“Once we’ve effectively helped students transfer, that’s when we’ll look at possible breaches of CHEd requirements. To be honest, I haven’t asked CHEd Legal to look at this as efforts are currently being deployed to help students transfer,” he added.

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