Creators have other ways to make money now. here’s how

YouTube Shorts: The short video feature on YouTube, similar to TikTok, was developed over the course of two years. The process of monetizing this content is about to begin and producers will receive a portion of the profits.
Starting in early 2023, creators focused on YouTube shorts who have at least 1,000 subscribers and 10 million short film views in a 90-day period can apply to join the platform’s revenue-sharing program. form. According to Amjad Hanif, Vice President of Creative Products at YouTube, new partners “will enjoy all the benefits our program offers, including the many ways to earn money like long-form ads and fan funding. “.

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YouTube’s ad revenue sharing program recently unveiled a new mechanism that allows creators to get paid for views of their videos while also licensing the music in their videos.

Here’s how the Shorts ad revenue sharing system will work:

Ads pause between videos in the YouTube Shorts stream. Money from these ads will be combined each month and given to the people who made the shorts. It will also be used to pay music license fees for clips. They will keep 45% of the revenue from the total amount awarded to creators, which will be split based on their percentage of total views for short films, compared to 55% for long-form videos under the basic YouTube Partner Program (YPP) . The income distribution remains the same whether or not they consume music.

In a June press release, Google boasted that YouTube Shorts had more than 1.5 billion monthly logged-in viewers. TikTok, owned by ByteDance, was competing with YouTube Shorts for market share. A year ago, YouTube launched a $100 million fund for YouTube Shorts to encourage the production of short films. Under this program, creators of popular videos can receive up to $10,000 per month.

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Users expect that as part of this new [commercial] model, which was created for long-term sustainability, the bulk of Shorts Fund recipients would earn more money in the future. The revenue-sharing approach, which has boosted the creative economy and enabled creators to benefit from the success of the platform, is what they focus on more than a fixed fund.

The “tip jar” option of Super Merci

The Super Thanks for Shorts “tip-jar” option is also being made available by YouTube in beta for “thousands of creators”, with a full rollout expected next year. By purchasing highlighted super thank you comments, viewers can express their appreciation for their favorite shorts and artists can communicate with their followers. Additionally, as part of its annual YouTube BrandConnect event for marketers, the platform intends to connect Shorts brands and artists.

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