High fees in public ICT colleges disrupt students

Islamabad: The high tuition fees of the Associate’s Degree Program (ADP) and bachelor’s degree programs in public sector colleges in the Islamabad Capital Territory (TIC) compared to provincial institutions are the major cause of transfer of students from Islamabad to the provinces, leaving very few admissions in Islamabad. ICT colleges.

According to official sources, students of ICT colleges have to pay fees of around Rs 25,000 in the first semester and around Rs 15,000 in subsequent semesters.

Comparatively, the fee structure of public colleges ranges from Rs5000 to Rs10,000 per semester in the provinces, which is much lower than that of ICT colleges.

Many students who aspire to gain admission to ADP or BS programs prefer to go to colleges located in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Nazir Ahmed, a lecturer at Model Postgraduate College Islamabad’s H-8 University, said: “Higher fees mean that studying in Islamabad is limited to students who can afford to pay for ADP/BS programs.

It also increases the risk of students dropping out of ICT colleges.

Unfortunately, the criteria for educating students is based on wealth rather than talent.

These colleges should focus on cultivating the best minds even if they cannot afford to pay high fees.

“High tuition fees seem to have compelled the student to migrate from Islamabad to Rawalpindi resulting in low enrollment and dropouts in ICT institutions,” he said.

Kamran, an undergraduate student from Asghar Mall College Rawalpindi said: I reside in Sector G-9 in Islamabad.

My parents could not pay for my studies in colleges in Islamabad due to high tuition fees, so I was admitted to Rawalpindi.

Hamza, a student who left H-8 College Islamabad in his 3rd semester, said, “The cost of education was high and my parents found it extremely difficult to meet my fees. studies, so I left college.

“There is no policy from the authorities at the head of affairs to help prevent poor students from dropping out of higher education,” he observed.

Mehreen, a 2nd semester BS student, claimed that her parents could not afford her high tuition, but she forced her parents to continue in the same college because she could not walk away from home her to study at other institutions with less cost.

Anum Kaleem, Lecturer at Islamabad Model College for Girls (Postgraduate) F-7/2, said, “Many students are worried about not having enough money to pay the semester fees.

“Federal Directorate of Education authorities should reduce the ADP/BS program fees of ICT colleges and bring the fee structure to the same level as provincial colleges in order to attract students and bring them back to ICT colleges “, she pointed out.

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