Include private universities in TETFUND, pleads Samuel Adegboyega varsity VC

The Vice Chancellor of Samuel Adegboyega University, Ogwa, Esan West Local Government Region in Edo State, Professor Adewumi Idowu has defended the awarding of first class degrees to its graduates.

20 of the 208 graduates who are expected to receive different classes of diplomas at the combined graduation ceremony for the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 academic sessions will receive a first class honorary diploma on Saturday.

Professor Idowu revealed that while six graduates obtained first class diplomas for the diploma in the 2019/2021 academic session, 14 obtained the first class in the 2020/2021 session.

He called for the inclusion of private universities, which currently number 117 in the country, in the Tertiary Education Fund (TETFUND), recalling that they are committed to the training of Nigerians in the same way as public universities.

Against the backdrop of the declining rate of the national currency, the Naira, he pleaded with the federal government to put in place a special exchange rate so that Nigerian universities could import equipment that was entirely manufactured abroad.

He pleaded: “Private universities are engaged in training Nigerians just like public universities. There is no discrimination in training. The government should extend TETFUND to private universities as we are engaged in training Nigerians just like public universities. The government should also set up a special exchange rate for Nigerian universities so that they can import equipment from abroad.

The Vice Chancellor said the school is in close contact with his alumni association, adding that graduates are doing very well in both the public and private sectors of the Nigerian economy.

He confessed that the state of nationwide insecurity that resulted in the kidnapping of students and law-abiding citizens by bandits has been a major challenge.

Professor Idowu of the Federal Agricultural University of Abeokuta (FUNAAB) in Ogun State said three deserving Nigerians, Pastor Gabriel Uyeh, overseer Emmanuel Baiyekusi and Pastor Lawrence Ogbonna will receive doctorates honorary for their enormous contributions to the church and to the world.


FALSE! Yoruba is not an official language in Brazil

Claim: A national newspaper and several online platforms claim that Brazil adopted Yoruba as an official language and that the language would be included in the curricula of primary and secondary schools.

Verdict: The claim is false. The content of the article published by these online platforms is not new; it has been put back into circulation several times and has been debunked.

Viral Voice Note on Fake WhatsApp Billing

Complain: A viral WhatsApp voice note, allegedly authored by the director and CEO of WhatsApp, claims that users will have to start paying for WhatsApp services.

Verdict: The viral WhatsApp voice note claim is a hoax. The content is not new and has been released as a broadcast message several times in the past.

Marburg virus: what you need to know about the disease recently detected in West Africa

On Monday August 9, 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the first case of Marburg virus in West Africa in Guinea. This development has sent shivers down the spines of West Africans who are still grappling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. But before this dreaded disease is greeted with rumors and misinformation, here’s what you need to know about the virus. APC says it’s creating a health emergency trust fund …

FACT CHECK: US failed to grant Nigeria 48-hour ultimatum to detain Abba Kyari

CLAIM: Several social media posts claim that the United States of America (United States) has given the federal government of Nigeria 48 hours to arrest suspended Deputy Police Commissioner Abba Kyari on pain of severe penalties.

VERDICT: The assertion is false and misleading. The United States did not give the Nigerian federal government a 48-hour ultimatum to detain Abba Kyari.

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