It’s the best deal among elite private colleges

Harvard is…cheap?

Well, comparatively. Digital marketing agency Higher Visibility recently ranked the private educational institutions that had the highest tuition fees, which they discovered by analyzing Niche’s 2022 ranking of the best private colleges in the United States and comparing these numbers to tuition rates documented by the college pricing site College Calc.

So while a tuition fee of $47,730 doesn’t sound cheap, it is the lowest figure among the top 20 ranked private colleges. And that is with Harvard as the second highest school (in terms of education) on the list. That said, there have been many arguments over the years suggesting that Harvard shouldn’t charge tuition at all.

Some other finds:

  • MIT, the top-ranked private college, came in at a modest 13th place for tuition ($53,450).
  • Columbia University is the most expensive school, costing $58,920 per year. It’s without financial aid, of course (fun fact: the acceptance rate to get into the school in New York is only 7%).
  • The state of California had the most schools on the list with four.
  • Of the five lowest-priced institutions in the study, three are Ivy League schools; besides Harvard, Princeton University ranks 16th with an average tuition of $51,870, and the University of Pennsylvania appears just below with $51,156.

The worst deal, in our opinion? Duke University at $55,880. Why is it so bad? You spend that much to go to Duke.

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