John Jay College Ranked Top Ten for Public Colleges, Least Debt, Social Mobility and More by US News & World Report

September 2022 — John Jay College was ranked #10 for regional public colleges, #8 for social mobility, #3 for least debt, #7 for ethnic diversity and #10 for economic diversity by US News and World Reports Ranking of the best colleges 2022-2023.

The ranking assessed 1,500 colleges and universities in 17 subject areas to produce the lists. The Social Mobility Score is based on the graduation rate of students who receive federal Pell grants, and how that compares to non-Pell recipients. Pell grants are generally distributed to students from households earning less than $50,000 per year. The measure of economic diversity is based on the percentage of undergraduate students receiving federal Pell grants.

“I am extremely proud of John Jay’s ranking, as it reflects our success in providing an exceptional, accessible and affordable education for all,” said John Jay College President Karol V. Mason. “Our top scores in critical metrics such as student debt, social mobility and student diversity demonstrate our commitment to advancing justice and fulfilling our promise that education is a gateway to a better future.”

John Jay’s high social mobility and low debt ratio confirm his ability to provide students with a strong return on investment by helping them move into the middle class with little or no student debt. High rankings in ethnic and economic diversity are proof of the College’s commitment to educating traditionally underrepresented groups and increasing diversity in the workplace.

Earlier this year, US News also ranked John Jay in the Top 30 for two master’s majors in public policy and administration.

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