NGOs warn against ‘Zionist penetration’ of Morocco’s institutes and universities – Middle East Monitor

Two anti-normalization groups in Morocco have protested what they say is an increase in “Zionist infiltration” of educational institutions in the kingdom.

The Moroccan National Action Group for Palestine and the Moroccan Observatory Against Normalization yesterday warned in a letter sent to the National Union of Higher Education in Morocco against “a number of infiltrations by the services Zionist intelligence agencies, quietly and publicly, on college campuses”.

“These infiltrations took place through so-called scientific and research activities which were given misleading descriptions and names by the officers and leaders of the Zionist army in several Moroccan universities. This was done in the most great secrecy about their true identity,” the groups added.

The letter also called on the public to be wary and vigilant of Israel’s infiltration into Morocco’s education system.

According to the head of the Moroccan Observatory against normalization, Ahmed Wehman, “the Zionist infiltration of Moroccan universities as a target of the country’s elites”.

The sentencing follows the strengthening of educational ties between the two countries, following Rabat’s decision to resume diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv under the US-brokered Abraham Accords signed in 2020. February 2021, the Israeli and Moroccan education ministers launched a student exchange program and agreed to hold educational competitions in Arabic and Hebrew.

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A memorandum of understanding was signed by the ministries in May this year, aimed at collaborating in the scientific field in the field of sustainable development.

Following the inking of the academic partnership programs, the Moroccan Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, Abdellatif Miraoui, received a letter June 13 by the National Federation of Education (FNE), criticizing the development.

“At a time when we see prestigious universities and higher institutions around the world boycott the Zionist entity and reserve academic and scientific cooperation and exchanges with it…we find you [Morocco’s Ministry of Higher Education] in a process of normalization… in violation of the feelings of the Moroccan people…,” the letter reads.

“You sacrificed the Moroccan university and offered it to the apartheid state and the Israeli occupation, receiving the Minister of Science, Technology and Space from the Zionist entity, and by signing a memorandum of understanding in the field of scientific research and technology”, indicates the press release of the FNE.

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