Qatar universities offer world-class education to students in the region

Qatar Tourism, in collaboration with the Qatar Foundation and Qatar University, has launched an education campaign to introduce students, parents, counselors and educators in the GCC region to the country’s esteemed university offering and the benefits of choose to study in Qatar.

A young and multi-faceted country, Qatar recognizes the role of education in creating thriving communities. Qatar has established one of the most interdisciplinary education hubs in the world where students can earn internationally recognized degrees from leading universities and institutions in a warm and hospitable environment.

As one of the safest countries in the world, with a diverse economy and society, Qatar offers students a unique learning environment. It brings together a wide range of top international partner universities, in addition to highly rated local universities, research centers, incubators for innovation and entrepreneurship, and exciting and transformative opportunities to grow. get involved in community activities and programs.

Just a short flight from all parts of the region, students and their parents can stay close by for the duration of their studies. Qatar offers students the opportunity to earn the same degree as the university’s home campus, while remaining close to the culture of the region. Qatar’s combination of tradition and modernity is hard to find elsewhere. The country celebrates its heritage, but still offers students modern amenities, new hotels, and a mix of international cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles.

As part of the campaign, CNN, one of the world’s most broadcast news channels, traveled to Qatar to film its educational institutions and interview current students – this will be featured in 30 videos and 60 seconds on the news channel and digital platform.

Commenting on the campaign, Berthold Trenkel, Qatar Tourism, COO, said: “Qatar has always understood the power of education and has therefore invested heavily in ensuring that the country’s education landscape is international, forward-thinking and diverse. . Qatar has a vibrant university offer, and through this campaign we will be able to highlight what makes Qatar the right choice for university education. Qatar uniquely combines world-class education with a rich culture, safe environment, world-class facilities, social stability and excellent job opportunities.

The Qatar Foundation (QF) has created a globally unique multidisciplinary education ecosystem, comprising branch campuses of seven of the world’s leading universities, as well as QF’s Hamad Bin Khalifa University. These universities offer degrees in fields ranging from medicine, engineering, communications, international affairs, computer science, art and design to Islamic studies, law and public policy, science human and social resources, cybersecurity and sustainability.

Since these institutions are located within meters of each other in QF Education City, students can enroll in courses at different universities, enroll in joint academic programs, and benefit from flexible education and highly personalized, while gaining real-world research and innovation experience. and benefit from sports and community facilities and opportunities for cross-cultural interaction in a safe and respectful environment.

“Our multiversity approach – allowing students to maximize their educational experience by preparing them not just for a profession, but for life – is the best formula for the future of our region,” said Francisco Marmolejo, President of Education higher than QF.

“At the Qatar Foundation, we work to unlock the potential of all our students to become well-rounded, values-driven graduates who are truly engaged and dedicated to leading and shaping their communities. The Education City ecosystem is a place where students become global citizens, strongly rooted in the values ​​and traditions of the region, while maintaining a strong sense of community service. »

Additionally, Qatar University (QU) continues to be the country’s leading institution of higher education. QU has eleven colleges and 94 different programs and provides quality education to over 25,000 multinational students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Qatar University has a large pool of qualified and sought-after graduates, a growing number of highly valued specialized masters and doctorates. programs and many notable research achievements.

Dr. Eiman Mustafawi, Vice President of Student Affairs at Qatar University, said, “We continue to exert the effort and commitment to provide a student-centered educational experience that supports academic achievement and development. personal development of our students, in line with Qatar Higher Education. education standards as competitive as those of renowned universities around the world.

“Qatar University is today an icon of academic excellence and the fastest growing research university in the region. Graduates of Qatar University are professional and knowledgeable. It is worth mentioning that every year, Qatar University enrolls thousands of students, including international students, who make up no less than 30% of Qatar University’s student population,” Dr. Eiman added.

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