Universities play a crucial role in the formulation of national policies: Governor

QUETTA – Balochistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha said on Friday that universities’ main objective is to promote modern knowledge-based research and that they play a crucial role in formulating national policies.

He said: “Due to the lack of modern research centers, we have not been able to use the knowledge and experience of our experts and researchers.” He expressed these views during a visit to Loralai University. He was accompanied by the Provincial Mediator of Balochistan, Nazar Baloch, Deputy Commissioner Dr Atiq Shahwani and Director General of the Education Foundation, Professor Sher Zaman. The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Loralai, Dr Maqsood Ahmed, presented the performance of the institution, the challenges faced and the future strategy.

On occasion, the governor has tasked the VC and its entire team to enable students in Loralai and other neighboring districts to reap the rewards of higher education.

He said that everyone should play their part in promoting a healthy learning environment and raising the level of education in all universities in the public sector. The governor had a separate meeting with the teachers of Loralai University and assured that the problems and difficulties they were facing would soon be resolved.

Later, the governor inspected various parts of the university and the buildings under construction where he listened to the concerns of the students and opened the Bachelor Hostel on campus.

“The current regime believes in the well-being of the poor”

Balochistan Governor Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha said on Friday that the purpose of Loralai and Kila Saifullah’s two-day visit was to familiarize himself with the realities on the ground and the problems of people in remote areas of the province. This type of surprise visits allows to discover the facts and to awaken the departments, he added. He expressed these views while addressing political activists and tribal leaders in Kali Manzkai on Thursday evening during his two-day visit to Loralai.

On this occasion, the inhabitants of Killi Manzkai informed the governor of Balochistan Syed Zahoor Ahmed Agha of their problems and difficulties. The elders said there was an urgent need for the government to issue orders for the construction of the Spera Ragha road as soon as possible, which would significantly reduce the distance and time between Quetta and Loralai.

The governor of Balochistan listened carefully to their problems and assured that their basic problems would be solved.

He also said that the current government believes in the welfare of the poor, claiming that all problems and difficulties will be passed on to the relevant sectors for the benefit of the people.

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