University of Portland and several other private colleges in Oregon report enrollment surge as fall approaches

Several private colleges in Oregon, which experienced a slight drop in enrollment amid the COVID-19 pandemic, have now reported an increase in enrollment as the fall semester approaches.

This year, Oregon’s largest private university, the University of Portland (UP), also sees around 150 more freshmen committing to the university in the next quarter compared to the previous year, from 809 in 2020 to 957 during this fall semester. Unlike 2020, the university is also expected to welcome more international students next semester, reports

Portland’s Reed College Vice President and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Milyon Trulove also confirmed that the college has seen an increase in the number of incoming students, noting that there are more than 500 students. first year confirmed for this fall term, the figure being 340 students. over the same period last year.

Trulove expressed enthusiasm for the increase, adding that Reed will also see a record number of national students of color this fall. According to international students, Trulove pointed out that the arriving class could be the same in number as in 2020, saying international students are struggling to receive their visas on time and book flights due to the pandemic.

Additionally, Lewis & Clark College has announced that more than 700 students have accepted the College of Arts and Sciences offers for the fall semester, meaning it will host one of the largest classes ever. The incoming class will also have the largest number of students of color on record at the university, representing 28% of the student community.

Lewis & Clark vice president for admissions and financial aid Eric Staab said it is possible that by the end of this month some students in this class could drop out, while adding that he there will always be an increase from the previous largest class of 654 students in 2015.

The reason for the potential increase in the number of students expected at the college, he said, is because the college is successfully managing online outreach amid a pandemic about the college’s programs and offerings.

“I think we’ve done a really good job in the admissions office and the financial aid office in adapting and adapting to recruiting students in the era of COVID.” Staab added.

Over the past year, many private institutions in Oregon, where the number of students in the classroom was smaller, held hybrid or in-person classes after completing regular COVID-19 testing and taking other safety rules.

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