Uttar Pradesh: Revision of Fees for Degree and Diploma Courses in Private Colleges | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Department of Technical Education publishing revised version costs structure for the 2022-23 academic session for private colleges offering diploma and diploma in technical courses, tuition fees charged by private engineering and technical institutions should be revised in the state.
The standard tuition fee set for undergraduate engineering courses in private colleges offering a degree is Rs 55,000, and those offering a degree are Rs 30,150.

However, the Department of Technical Education’s Admission and Fee Regulation Committee (AFRC) clarified that this was not a cap on the tuition fees to be charged by institutions. Currently, engineering course fees at a private institution middle School ranges from Rs 45,000 to Rs 1.65 lakh. There are over 750 private colleges offering technical training in UP.
“Institutes that disagree with the revised fee schedule have been invited to submit a justifiable proposal along with details of their expenses, no later than July 23. The fees for these institutions will be decided after an evaluation by the committee “said AFRC Secretary Rajesh. Chandra said.
Institutions that agree to the revised fee schedule will also be required to submit letters of consent to the ministry. If an institution does not provide a letter of consent (neither agree nor disagree), it will be assumed that it would agree to the fee review.
Officials said the revision was made in light of the fact that fees had not been increased since 2017-18 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “Institutions and parents are facing difficulties. We are trying to mitigate the losses,” an official said.
However, the new fee bands, which are expected to be higher than the existing fee, have not been well received by teachers. “With the number of admissions dropping every year, technical colleges are struggling to fill places. With rising fees, the numbers will drop significantly,” said a senior teacher at a technical college. .

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